Ferro Alloys

The word ferro alloy refers to an alloy of iron containing a significant proportion of one or more other elements like silicon, manganese, chromium, aluminum, or titanium. The main applications of ferro alloys occur in the steelmaking process.  Ferro alloy, an alloy of iron and one or more other metals, important as a source of various metallic elements in the production of alloy steels.
The principal ferro alloys are ferro  manganese, ferrochromium, ferro molybdenum, ferro titanium, ferro vanadium, ferro silicon, ferro boron, and ferro phosphorus. These are brittle and unsuitable for direct use in fabricating products, but they are useful sources of these elements for the alloy steels.
Ferro alloys usually have lower melting ranges than the pure elements and can be incorporated more readily in the molten steel. They are added to liquid steel to achieve a specified chemical composition and provide properties needed to make particular products. They are in fact used in all steels—e.g., plain carbon, stainless, alloy, electrical, tool, and so on.